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– Woodwalton Church, Cambridgeshire, by Rob enwicki (W/GNU)

– River Tyne and bridges at Newcastle, by TagishSimon (W/GNU)

– Church Street St Mary, Sandwich, by Ployphilo (W/UPPD)

– Ribblehead Viaduct, by Michael D Beckwith (W/UPPD)

– View from train window, by Daniel Frese (PEX)

– High Speed Train in British Rail InterCity colours, by permission of Hondawanderer (OS)

– Virgin Pendolino on the West Coast main Line, by G-13114 (W/ASA3)

– Ely Cathedral from a train, by Chris Smith (W/ASA3)


– St Albans Abbey, By Hilton Teper (W/ASA3) (W, A)

– Rushton Triangular Lodge, by Immanuel Giel (W/ASA3) (W, A)

– The airship R101 at Cardington, from the National Archives (OS) (W, A)

– Chesterfield church spire, by Peter Tarleton (W/ASA2) (W, A)

– Statue of Sir John Betjeman at St Pancras, by Mattbuck (W/ASA2) (W, A)

– Napsbury Hospital, by Nigel Cox (W/ASA2) (W, A)


– Rochester Cathedral and Castle, by Clem Rutter (W/ASA3) (W, A)

– Dover Castle, by Robin Drayton (W/ASA2) (W, A)

– Leeds Castle, by ABrocke (W/GNU) (W,A)

– Swingate radar station, by Nilfanion (W/ASA4) (W)

– Canterbury Cathedral, by Mattana (W/ASA2) (A)

– Martello Tower, by Steve Popple (W/ASA2) (W, A)

– Deal Castle from the air, by Lieven Smits (W/GNU) (W, A)

– Church Street St Mary’s, Sandwich, by Poliphilo (W/UPPD) (W, A)

– South Eastern and Chatham Railway D class locomotive, built at Ashford in 1901, by Ben Salter (W/ASA2) (A)

– Chilham, by Nicksarebi (W/ASA2) (A)


– Maidenhead bridge, by Geof Sheppard (W/ASA4) (W, A)

– Mapledurham House, by John of Reading (W/ASA4) (W, A)

– Steventon – The Causeway, by Des Blenkinsopp (W/ASA2) (W, A)

– Uffington White Horse, by Dave Price (W/ASA2) (W, A)

– Kennet and Avon canal at Newbury, by Joolz (W/ASA2) (W, A)

– Great Bedwyn post office and stone museum, by Trish Steel (W/ASA2) (W, A)

– Crofton pumping station, by Andrew Gritt (W/ASA2) (W, A)

– Westbury white horse, by Neil Kemp (PUB) (W, A)

– River Brue at Bruton, by Sarah Smith (W/ASA2) (W, A)

– Glastonbury Tor, by Poliphilo (W/UPPD) (W, A)

– Athelney – The story of Alfred the Great and the cakes, by Joseph Martin (PUB) (W, A)

– Diggerland, by Blake Hammond (W/ASA4) (W, A)

– Summer House at Killerton Park, by Robert Powell (W/ASA3) (W, A)

– Mol’s Coffee House, Exeter, by Tomislav Medak (W/ASA2) (W, A)

– Dawlish, by Mattbuck (W/ASA3) (W, A)

– Powderham Castle, by Raymond Cocks (W/ASA2) (W, A)

– Totnes High Street, by Peter Beaven (W/ASA2) (W, A)

– Ivybridge, by Intel Free Press (W/ASA2) (W, A)

– Saltram House, Plymouth by ChilliHead (W/ASA2) (W, A)

– Royal Albert Bridge over the Tamar, by geof Sheppard (W/ASA4) (W, A)

– St German’s Viaduct and quay, by David Gearing (W/ASA2) (W, A)

– Restormel Castle, by Tom Parnell (W/ASA4) (W, A)

– St Probus church, Probus, by Rod Allday (W/ASA2) (W, A)

– Carn Brae castle, Redruth by Nilfanion (W/ASA3) (W, A)

– South Crofty Mine, by Helen Wilkinson (W/ASA2) (W, A)

– St Ives harbour, by John Jennings (W/ASA2) (W, A)

– St Michael’s Mount, by Monster4711 (W/UPPD) (W, A)


– Kings Cross Station, by Diliff (W/ASA3) (W, A)

– Alexandra Palace, by Hywel Williams (W/ASA2) (W, A)

– Battle of Barnet, from a 15th century Belgian manuscript (PUB) (W, A)

– Hatfield Old Palace, by Peter O’Connor (W/ASA2) (W, A)

– Knebworth House, by Casanovafly91 (W/ASA3) (W, A)

– St Neots, by Bear 1975 (W/ASA3) (W, A)

– Hinchingbrooke House, Huntingdon by Duncan Grey (W/ASA2) (W, A)

– Wood Walton church, by Rob enwiki (W/ASA3) (W, A)

– Peterborough Cathderal, by NotFromUtrecht (W/ASA3) (W, A)

– The George hotel, Stamford, by SmileyRose (W/ASA3) (W, A)

– Mallard, by PTG Dudva (W/ASA3) (W, A)

– Blue Pig inn, Grantham, by Richard Croft (W/ASA2) (W, A)

– Castle and River Trent at Newark, by Stephen McKay (W/ASA2) (W, A)

– Retford Town Hall, by Tghe-retford (W/ASA3) (W, A)

– St George’s Minster, Doncaster, by Rich@rd (PUB) (W, A)

– Sandal Castle, Wakefield, by Tim Green (W/ASA2) (W, A)

– Victoria Quarter, by Jungpionier(?) (W/ASA3) (W, A)

– Queen Adelaide’s private carriage, by Alan Wilson (W/ASA2) (W, A)

– The 18th century bridge at Croft-on-Tees, by Dr Ivan Hall (W/ASA3) (W, A)

– David Mach’s brick sculpture “The Train”, by Chris Downer (W/ASA2) (W, A)

– Durham Cathedral, by mattbuck (W/ASA4) (W, A)

– The Angel Of The North, by Askar Ibragimov (W/ASA2.5) (W, A)

– The Tyne in Newcastle, by Tagishsimon (W/ASA3) (W, A)

– Emily Davison, suffragette, from London School of Economics library (PUB) (W, A)

– Alnmouth, By BazzaDaRambler (W/ASA2) (W, A)

– Bamburgh Castle, By Scott (W/ASA2.5) (W, A)

– Lindisfarne Castle, By xlibber (W/ASA2) (W, A)

– Royal Border Bridge, Berwick upon tweed, By Phil Sangwell (W/ASA2) (W, A)

– Statue of Greyfriars Bobby, Edinburgh, By Nilfanion (W/ASA3) (W, A)


– Euston – the old main hall (OS) (W, A)

– Hogwarts Great Hall at Warner Brothers Studios, by Richard Croft (W/ASA2) (W, A)

– Mentmore Towers, by Alex (W/ASA2) (W, A)

– Replica Bombe at Bletchley Park, by Antoine Taveneaux (W/ASA3) (W/A)

– Blisworth Tunnel Southern Portal, by Stephen Dawson (W/ASA3) (W, A)

– Lichfield Cathedral, by Leon Hawley (W/ASA3) (W, A)

– Shugborough Hall by Jacquiatwiki (W/ASA4) (W, A)

– Mill Meece pumping station by Roger Dean (W/ASA2) (W, A)

– Manchester Ship Canal at Warrington by Alan Murray-Rust (W/ASA2) (W. A)

– Liverpool & Manchester Railway Replica Rocket by Tony Hisgett (W/ASA2) (W, A)

– Commemorative mug for 1882 guild – Harris Museum, Preston

– Lancaster Canal at Borwick, by David Medcalf (W/ASA2) (W, A)

– Lancaster Priory and Castle, by Antiquary (W/ASA4) (W, A)

– Carnforth station refreshment room, by Deben Dave (W/PUB)

– A591 in the Lake District, by Diliff (W/ASA3) (W, A)

– Borrowbridge Roman Fort: Google Earth

– Wigan Pier, by Pam Brophy (W/ASA2) (W,A)

– Royal Scot hauling train up to Shap summit, by David Moyle (W/ASA4) (W,A)

– Carlisle castle, by Neil Boothman (W/ASA2) (W, A)

– Ecclefechan – view across Corrie Road to Burnswark, by Charlie Kennedy (W/ASA2) (W,A)

– Gretna Blacksmith’s shop, by Niki Odolphie (W/ASA2) (W, A)

– Carstairs – River Clyde: Google earth

– Liverpool Roman Catholic Cathedral, by Andrew (W/ASA2) (W, A)

– Runcorn transporter Bridge: Andy Dingley/Valentine & Sons postcard (W/PUB) (W, A)

– Beeston & Peckforton castles, by Peter Styles (W/ASA2) (W, A)

– Jodrell Bank, by Allen Watkin (W/ASA2) (W, A)

– Alderley Edge sign, by Pete Birkinshaw (W/ASA2) (W, A)

– Bottle kiln at the Gladstone Pottery Museum, by Martyn Davies (W/ASA2) (W, A)

– Wedgwood creamware plate, late 18th century, from the V&A collection (W/ASA3) (W, A)


– A train on the Surrey Iron Railway – Early 19th century watercolour (W/PUB)

– Ifield Mill, by tafkam (W/ASA3) (W, A)

– Royal Earlswood Hospital by R Haworth (W/ASA3) (W, A)

– Chichester Cathedral, by Evgeniy Podkopaev (W/ASA3) (W, A)

– Floor at Fishbourne Villa, by Mattbuck (W/ASA4) (W, A)

– HMS Warrior, by Barry Lewis (W/ASA2) (W, A)

– Portchester Castle from the air: Hampshire Hub/University of Southampton

– Titchfield Abbey, by Drumlanrig (W/PUB)

– Netley Abbey by Moonlight by John Constable Creative Commons CC-BY-NC-ND (3.0 Unported)


– Brooklands racetrack, by Peter Trimming (W/ASA2)

– Salisbury Cathedral, by Tomaszp (W/ASA4)

– Wilton House, by Mike Searle (W/ASA2)

– Templecombe S&D yard, by Ben Brooksbank (W/ASA2)

– Sherborne New Castle, by Eugene Birchall (W/ASA2)

– Forde Abbey, by Julie Ann Workman (W/ASA3)

– The House That Moved, by Delta51 (W/ASA4)