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You can download the AboutMyJourney app by going to PlayStore on your phone or tablet and finding aboutmyjourney in the Travel and Local section, or by going to this page on your mobile device and then clicking this red button:

The app is completely FREE to download and to use and neither the app nor this website carries any advertising. Although it tracks your location, no information (about location or anything else) is ever sent from your mobile to us or to anyone else.

The app has been tested with Android version 4.1 (“Jelly Bean”/API16, released July 2012) and subsequent versions up 13 (latest as at January 2023. (It may work on some older devices but has not been tested). You will need to have GPS enabled.

The AboutMyJourney app is only available for Android devices. iPhone and Microsoft users can see the information about the routes HERE

The app has been updated to work correctly with the latest versions of Android

MAY 2021
New capability to list all the places on a route and select any of them, instead of using GPS tracking

JULY 2021
Ability to view and select from the complete list of places at any time while the app is tracking your journey

Support for the latest Android versions up to January 2023

MARCH 2024
Support for the latest Android versions up to March 2024