How to use the website


The route pages on this website allow you to track your journey on a map. Icons on the map indicate places of interest, and you simply click or tap an icon to read some information about it.

First, choose your route using the map or buttons on the “The Train Routes” page. This will take you to a more detailed map that will show the places on your route (they may not be visible until you click the tracking button – see below). The map is zoomable, and can be expanded to full-screen mode.

Next, check your direction of travel. The map displayed assumes that you are travelling in the direction indicated by the route summary above it. If you are travelling in the opposite direction click the “Change Direction” button to display a different version of the map; it will look the same, but the descriptions associated with the icons may be different. Note also that “left” and “right” in the descriptions assume that you are facing forwards!

Finally, click the button to start tracking your position as you move. This will start to find your location based on the location of the mobile network cell masts that your device is connected to. If this does not track smoothly or does not update regularly, click the button to get more accurate and frequent fixes on your position using GPS satellites.

If GPS stops working when you are in a remote area and have no mobile signal (for example in a long tunnel) you may need to use the and buttons to re-start the tracking process.

Tracking your journey on the maps does require a network connection, as new areas of map will need to be downloaded and created as you travel. You may wish to use on-board wi-fi instead of your own network connection to avoid using your data allowance. If you zoom in to a very large scale on the map, your location will reach the edge quite quickly and the map will need new data to update more frequently. If you are in a remote area where both your mobile device and the train’s wi-fi lose their network connections, then map updates may stop; they should resume once a connection is available again.