Train journey websites

The following is a selection of websites that might be interesting or useful on your journey:

The Man in Seat 61
Information about the practicalities and pleasures of rail travel throughout the UK, Europe and the world.

National Rail Enquiries
Train times, fares and live running information for England, Scotland and Wales

Deutsche Bahn – Travel Service
Train times for the whole of Europe

Train times and fares for Britain and major European routes, information about the journeys and lots of help finding and buying the best tickets

Rail Map online – UK & Ireland
Map of all the railways and tramways that have ever existed in Britain and Ireland (Let them know if you know of any others!)

Disused Stations
Information about, and photographs of, disused stations in the UK – find out about the closed stations that you pass through!

One for the enthusiast. Real time running information for UK trains, and the location of every train on track diagrams for much of the network. Great for finding out which platform your train will leave from before it’s on the departure board!

A map of the UK showing every passenger train on the network. Click on the train symbol to find out where it has come from, where it is going and how well it is running.