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Unfortunately we cannot guarantee that we will include every suggestion, as we have to be sure that information is of general interest to a range of readers, and that we have enough to make a new route worthwhile. Also, we cannot include many locations close together on a route, as the user needs to have time to read each one before the next appears. We will, however, carefully consider suggestions and use them wherever we can.

We particularly welcome information about new locations. These can be buildings, landscape features, towns or anything else that is relevant to the route of the journey, but things visible from the train are particularly good. Please use the e-mail form below and provide the following:

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The latitude and longitude. (If you are at the location, go to the route map page, click the button, and they will be displayed below the map. Alternatively, they can be found from map websites such as Google Maps. If you cannot find the latitude and longitude, give us enough information (e.g postcode, Ordnance Survey grid reference or just a clear description) to enable us to find the exact location on a map ourselves.)

What the feature or place is and why you think it is of interest.

A description of the points of interest.

If possible, a question about the place that we can use in our app’s quiz section, together with three alternative answers (one correct and two wrong but plausible)

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